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Dear collectors

I have been collecting paper money for just a little over 3 years now. I started with Germany, then France adding former French colonies as well as French overseas departments and French Indochina to my collection. 

Early this year, a dear collector friend asked me if I wanted to start collecting United States paper money. I told him that "....compared to my very colorful French, French Africa and French Indochina notes, the US Dollar is quite boring. You only have two, three maybe four colors and the notes all look alike. They're green with the portrait of a president on them!" 

But I have an open mind so I began to look into the US currency. Little did I know that it could be so interesting to collect dollar notes! Five months later, I put aside my other countries and started to concentrate primarily on the dollar in all its forms, nominations and issuing years. I collect it all, from Colonial to Obsolete, to Fractional, to National, all the way to the latest Federal Reserve Note. And I have only begun :-) And I want to thank my friend for opening my eyes to this very interesting country.

I have created these pages so that I can share my experience of collecting US currency with my fellow collectors, show them how my collection grows, exchange experiences, tell a little about the history of my different notes and share knowledge. Everybody is invited to participate, just contact me.

I hope that you enjoy this website. I also have two sister websites: and where I talk about German and French paper money.

Enjoy !


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